Feb 2, 2011

We are all Islamophobes now

Damn.  I missed Rod Liddle’s excellent speech (hat tip Andrew Bolt):
My speech expressed a profound dislike of the ideology of Islam because it lends itself to a) homophobia, b) the subjugation of women, c) anti-semitism d) viciousness towards so-called apostates, e) authoritarianism and f) a somewhat medieval approach towards crime and punishment. And then there’s the barbarism of female circumcision, forced marriages and the notion that those who are not Muslims are not quite human, that their lives are worthless. These last three manifestations of Islamic thought are not universally present throughout the Islamic world, for sure. But the ideology facilitates them, offers them a weird sort of legitimacy.

Oh, well. I’m sure there’s more from where that came from, but not on the BBC, mind you.

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