Jan 14, 2011

Churchill: the greatest Jewish ally?

Conservatives can walk and chew gum at the same time. In entertainment news, Martin Knelman:
Millions of people credit Winston Churchill, Britain’s inspiring wartime prime minister during its darkest hours, with saving the world from Hitler.
But was Churchill also — as we’ve rarely heard — the greatest ally the Jewish people have ever had?
The answer is a passionate yes, according to Barry Avrich, whose compelling documentary — An Unlikely Obsession: Churchill and the Jews — will have its premiere at 10 p.m. Monday on the Vision channel.
The Left don’t how to deal with him (still). Anti-Semitic comrade Stalin, by way of contrast, was adored by Leftists, especially Hollywood. But their task is becoming harder:  
The starry commentators tell the story of how at a time of casual anti-Semitism at the highest social and political levels of post-Victorian British society, Churchill took inspiration from Old Testament tales, aspiring to become a latter-day Moses.
Denouncing pogroms in Russia even while British voters wondered what events so far away had to do with them, Churchill hobnobbed with influential Jewish leaders and articulated the view that the foundations of modern civilization and ethics came out of Jewish history — for which he felt the rest of the world should show its gratitude.
Hitler, by way of contrast, hobnobbed with Arab dictators and Palestinians (just like communist dictators, come to think of it). And, many now recognise that the conservative’s Conservative supported Israel more than Obama’s hero, FDR:
“Churchill’s support for a Jewish homeland may have wavered now and then over the years,” Avrich says. “But mostly he was giving the cause huge support when no other world leader was doing so. Not Franklin Roosevelt in the U.S. and certainly not William Lyon Mackenzie King in Canada.”
 The truth: He understood Moses.  

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